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Jay Bolotin portion of a nice album review in All About Jazz (Photo of Jay with Mickey Newbury at Exit/In, Nashville '70s)

Fame is an elusive thing. Some make it, and some don't. However, sometimes good songs emerge out of nowhere and lost legends are found again. Singer/songwriters Jay Bolotin and Ted Lucas are good examples of talented songwriters who have remained unknown for a long time, but now get a chance to catch the spotlight thanks to the work of dedicated reissue labels like Delmore Recording Society and Yoga Records. 

Jay Bolotin 
No One Seems to Notice That It's Raining 


Dusted on Bolotin

Read all about it!

(Photo of Jay and Allen Ginsberg has nothing to do with this story.  Just felt like sharing it today)


Jay Bolotin on WVXU

Jay Bolotin live at Northside Tavern 11/13/18. Photo by Marisa Rhye

Jay recorded an interview and performed "The Picture And The Frame" at the studios of WVXU, the morning after his triumphant gig in Cincinnati.  Listen here


Another 10 Year Odyssey (photo by Sue Driskell)

I found a copy of Jay Bolotin's 1970 self-titled debut album at a record shop in Nashville back in 2008.  I immediately loved it, and in no short order began wondering what had become of the artist, and if additional recordings might exist.  On the internet there were references to a visual artist of the same name, with images displayed unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  It turned out to be the same Jay Bolotin.  Further reading on the websites of galleries and museums where his art had been…

Displaying news posts 6 - 10 of 28 in total