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We are the Kingston Springs Preservation Society

It's a Kingston Springs Suite weekend in Nashville, and of course in Kingston Springs, TN.  Beautiful features in The Nashvillle Scene and on CMT  delve deep into the Suite, and preview our big event at the Country Music Hall Of Fame: God Save Kingston Springs! Cash, Kris, Cowboy, Shel, and the Great Train Wreck of 1973.   If you can't be here, the whole crazy shebang will be streaming for your viewing pleasure live at that very same link beginning at 1:30 CST...TODAY.   Jim Casey, Danny Flowers, Chris Gantry, Frye…


Kingston Springs Suite celebratory events in Nashville and Kingston Springs June 6-7

June 6 - 7 is shaping up to be a Kingston Springs Suite weekend in the land of Delmore.  On June 6, from 1:30-3p the Country Music Hall Of Fame will be hosting an event for the ages: "God Save Kingston Springs! Cash, Kris, Cowboy, Shel, and the Great Train Wreck of 1973."  Jim Casey, Danny Flowers, Chris Gantry, and Frye Gaillard will be sharing unbelievable but true stories about Vince Matthews, and the magical time period that was turn of the '70s Nashville. …


Peter Walker - Live at Third Man Records

Peter Walker's otherworldly performance last summer at TMR was captured in real time, and is now available for pre-order.  There's a brief live taste of "Me And My Lady" (originally on our "Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms" release) to intrigue, but the entire live LP - including 3 tunes performed on a specially tuned piano! - will amaze and entertain.  Special thanks to Mr. Blackwell for deeply digging "Freedoms", and for making this dream a reality.


KINGSTON SPRINGS SUITE LOVE (Rolling Stone, Aquarium Drunkard, AV Club, The Boot, MOJO!)

With the release of The Kingston Springs Suite a mere 4 days away, the appreciation society is gaining momentum.  James Sullivan's feature in Rolling Stone, and Jason Patrick Woodbury's definitive piece in Aquarium Drunkard both appeared this week, renduring us speechless...until now.  For the streamers in our midst, there's now an exclusive stream (and nice words) over at A.V. Club, and "Bessie, That's A Lie" has exclusively premiered via The Boot. And then there's the **** review in MOJO by the wonderful Michael Simmons, pictured above in all it's blurry glory.  


THE KINGSTON SPRINGS SUITE (available for preorder!)

An amphetamine-fueled, prophetic, loose and gritty, 1972 Polaroid snapshot into the lives of a small town of an America gone by. Championed by Johnny Cash (who provided his studio and engineer, and penned the liner notes), and produced by Shel Silverstein (along w/ Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Cowboy Jack Clement), the “Suite” was the talk of the Nashville outlaw underground, but then, mysteriously shelved for 40 years. Preserving the old ways, and presented for the first time ever – God save Kingston Springs!

Displaying news posts 16 - 20 of 27 in total