Gary Stewart

Gary Stewart's previously unreleased Motown demos from 1970 are the recordings that blew the mind of legendary producer Roy Dea, leading him on a multi-year crusade to get Gary a record deal, and to produce his records.  We were beyond thrilled to find the tapes - which were presumed lost - after a ten year search, and we're equally excited to get them out into the world.  “I'm a hillbilly,” Dea told reporter Jimmy McDonough in the Village Voice in 1988: “but my background is rock’n’roll, rhythm and blues. Country’s kind of a bore. I never knew anyone who blew me away like Gary, an’ I seen Elvis, Hank Williams – all of ‘em. You get hooked on Stewart – he’s like a damn drug.”                     Photo of Gary Stewart and his friend / writing partner in the 1960s, Bill Eldridge courtesy of Tommy Schwartz