Kingston Springs Suite celebratory events in Nashville and Kingston Springs June 6-7

June 6 - 7 is shaping up to be a Kingston Springs Suite weekend in the land of Delmore.  On June 6, from 1:30-3p the Country Music Hall Of Fame will be hosting an event for the ages: "God Save Kingston Springs! Cash, Kris, Cowboy, Shel, and the Great Train Wreck of 1973."  Jim Casey, Danny Flowers, Chris Gantry, and Frye Gaillard will be sharing unbelievable but true stories about Vince Matthews, and the magical time period that was turn of the '70s Nashville.  Music, photos, and lots of laughs are guaranteed.  There will also be a Hatch Show print poster created especially for the event, which will be available for purchase / autograph afterwords, as well as LPs & CDs.  And if you can't be here that afternoon, the whole enchilada will be streaming live for your amusement / education.   Directions here

On Sunday, from 12-3, there will be an informal gathering / reunion at the Burns Park Activity Center in Kingston Springs, TN.  Jim Casey and his trio will perform the Suite, and special guests may or may not show.   Everyone is invited to attend, and in the spirit of the gatherings of 1972, everyone is encouraged - but not required - to bring a dish to share.  Both events promise to be unforgettable.  Directions here