We are the Kingston Springs Preservation Society

It's a Kingston Springs Suite weekend in Nashville, and of course in Kingston Springs, TN.  Beautiful features in The Nashvillle Scene and on CMT  delve deep into the Suite, and preview our big event at the Country Music Hall Of Fame: God Save Kingston Springs! Cash, Kris, Cowboy, Shel, and the Great Train Wreck of 1973.   If you can't be here, the whole crazy shebang will be streaming for your viewing pleasure live at that very same link beginning at 1:30 CST...TODAY.   Jim Casey, Danny Flowers, Chris Gantry, Frye Galliard, and Peter Cooper will be setting the record straight about the unbelievable back story of the Suite, with hilarious tales, music, slides, and laughs.  Casey will also perform the amazing feat of being in 2 places at once by appearing on The Alamo Jones show on SiriusXM from 1p-4p today.  Alamo knew Vince (and Melva) well from the Johhny Cash show days, and Casey met his first wife on Alamo's bus back in 1971, so there should be no shortage of tales from the golden era. The show repeats on Sunday from 5p-9p for those of us that don't have the magic power.

Casey hit the town running on Thursday, with interviews for the upcoming documentary on Sue Brewer, the heroine of Vince and Shel's classic song "On Susan's Floor."  Beautiful and best known version by Gordon Lightfoot, but Hank Jr, Mac Wiseman, and of course Waylon did it his way.   Casey and Peter Cooper than were on the airwaves at Hippie Radio with the legendary Keith Bilbrey (Keith was recently inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame, lest you think we toss around the word legendary.  He also played the heck out of "Real", our Tom T. Hall tribute record from way back in 1998, on WSM (!), which was the thrill of a lifetime for a yankee just settling into the joys of chocolate pie and sweet tea, and fried things).  

And don't forget the other big event in Kingston Springs on Sunday, from noon - 3p.  Casey and his trio will perform The Kingston Springs Suite live in Kingston Springs for the first time in 43 years, and watermelon will be served.  Casey, Jewly Hight, and your's truly spent the afternoon in Kingston Springs on Friday, visiting the old haunts, and taping it all for a future NPR story.   Met some nice folks who live in the house that Vince and Melva shared for 8 years, who greeted us like old friends, and told us about what really happened to Clarence The Tree.

Vince and Sammi Smith photo by, and courtesy of MF Andrews.