Melva's Photos: Take 1

When an order came through last year from a Melva Clarida, we were cautiously optimistic that it was THE Melva we'd been looking for since our Kingston Springs Suite journey began over a decade ago. Turns out it was, and getting to know Melva has been one of the absolute highlights of the experience. Besides regaling us with stories about Vince and their adventures with all kinds of folks (from Kris, Shel, and Cash; to Nelson Algren, Lanford Wilson, and Howlin Wolf), Melva also lent us a bin stuffed with tapes, slides, and amazing photos.  We've been furiously digitizing everything, and an early favorite is this never before seen shot of Vince, Kris, and Cindy Beckham (daughter of Combine Music's Bob Beckham).  No credit info on the back, but reasearch reveals that it was taken at the BMI Awards Banquet, 10/17/72; right about the time Kris and his band came in to help Vince and Casey put the finishing touches on the Suite.  Photo most likely taken by Jimmy Ellis, who shot a bunch that night for The Tennessean.  No word yet on what was being discussed...perhaps something about a cape?!