(POSTPONED) World premiere of Jay Bolotin's otherworldly, multimedia extravaganza: "The Darktown Sermons"

(This event will be rescheduled once we are no longer living in covidity)

Save the date(s) for the concert event of the season (though much more than a "concert")

Jay Bolotin

The Darktown Sermons

April 24 & 25, The Carnegie Theatre 1028 Scott Street, Covington, KY


An evening of song and moving pictures - Bolotin shares the stage with an animated Preacher recently descended from a disturbing, revelatory visit to heaven (voice of Will Oldham, aka, Bonnie Prince Billy). 

Preacher wanders about Darktown where preparations are underway for a Carnival of Angels that occurs every few epochs, and where he sees and hears the origins of the (live) songs, and engaging in some surprising sermons along the way in this town that seems a bit like Our Town, except with William Blake and Flannery O’connor  living in the boarding house.


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“Jay Bolotin’s songs live in the shadows…possessing an almost gothic air…it’s easy to hear why people like Mickey Newbury, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, and other Music City luminaries lauded the Kentucky native’s work.”

                                                                              The Aquarium Drunkard, 2019

“…a true underground hero and warrior.”

                                Steve Krakow, The Chicago Reader, July 11, 2019


“…Bolotin’s enigmatic songs broke every rule of songwriting - except the one that dictates the virtues of concision and originality”  

                                          Ed Hurt, The Nashville Scene, Apr. 4th, 2019


Guest appearance by Ali Edwards (of the band, Ruby Vileos), in corporeal form as Fay.


A world premiere, The Darktown Sermons will continue to the Theater Pokoleniy, St. Petersburg, Russia.