Diana Darby

I V (intravenous)


Released July 10th, 2012

LP $1400
CD $1000

“Diana Darby grew up in Texas, went to film school in Los Angeles and has been living in Nashville for years — yet, if you were to sit down and talk to her for an hour, you’d swear to god that she was born and raised in Manhattan. She’s got the piss and vinegar of a New Yorker — and looks like Patti Smith’s kid sister. Yet, her music is something else entirely, it contains none of the clichés of any of the places she’s lived, its geographic structure can’t be pinned down and her vocal delivery is a far cry from her ‘in person’ persona. What you do get when you listen, is an incredible honey drenched voice, and intense songs that call out for repeated listens. The entire CD is only about 35 minutes long and when it’s done, I hit the repeat button. No individual song speaks to me (when I listen to Diana's albums, any of them — I just get lost and immersed in the whole record, I don’t stop/start and look at song titles), it’s one continuous listening experience, it’s the overall flow and presentation of her work; sparse, rich, and succulent.” —Pat Thomas, Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine, June 2012

“Press kits for singer/songwriters often play a dangerous game of comparing a new artist to Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt or some other legend in hopes of piquing interest; when you listen to the album in question you feel embarrassed for both the publicist and the artist. I won't compare Diana Darby to anyone but herself. Her unique vision is marked by a minimal way with words, melodies that echo traditional American music in the best possible way and songs that deliver a feathery knock out punch. Her vocals are almost a whisper, but the raw emotion she delivers will break your heart and make your hair stand on end.  IV is as good as anything you've heard in the last ten years, maybe in your life.” —j. poet, Magnet

“Sharing my thoughts on this album feels akin to sharing thoughts on a private hiding spot in nature–while it feels intimate and private, I also would like others to feel the warmth and comfort within it. At once strong and gentle, this is music that is incredibly lovely while weaving tales that would be unbearably dark if not for the gorgeous melodies and poetry that keep you anchored to hope. In a sense it reminds me of albums like Big Star 3rd, Pink Moon, Sybille Baier or the Kath Bloom / Loren Connors collaborations–not exactly in style, but in that the emotions are so bare, so visceral that the ethereal melodies seem necessary to gently lead the listener through. The album hypnotically unfolds, perfectly layered with voice, guitar and subtle beds of strings and bass–it's the sort of rich yet sparse sound where every word, every speck, is heard and felt. Although the poetry, the singing–reminding me a bit of aspects of Bridget St John and Linda Perhacs but ultimately inhabiting it's own style & personality–and the melodies are gentle this is far from a passive listen. It's one to dive into, swim within, explore, listen to at 4 AM, and allow to be a friend and companion. In a world of quickly disposable music, this is something special, something worth loving. I highly recommend opening your heart and ears to Diana.”   —***** Andy Waltzer (WFMU /

“A secret of artistic genius is the ability to redeem pain, to stare straight at it so that it loses some of its hurtfulness. Diana Darby does this and more; she's one soulful dame.” —Michael Simmons, MOJO, Huffington Post