Diana Darby

The Magdalene Laundries


Released October 27th, 2005

CD $1000

The Magdalene Laundries subtly resonates like a secret whisper as personal as a dream, pleading with the listener to use headphones in quiet seclusion. I can’t think of any other recording so obviously intended for a private listening experience, deserving of complete attention by a very singular audience (and the fragile vocals could very easily get overwhelmed in the space of a room). Diana Darby’s devastatingly confessional poems of hardship and sadness augment the sparse instrumentation, performed and recorded by Darby on her 4-track (which eventually broke, ending the session). The production is honest, organic and pure, like an audio diary never meant to be heard by anyone other than the closest of friends. Highly recommended for a contemplative cool fall evening on a porch swing under the stars; otherwise (if the stars are not available) a comfy dark bedroom will do just fine. —Don Simpson, Pop Culture Press

All songs killer... certainly in my top 10 for 2005 —Murray Jason, KZSU

The songs of Diana Darby are psychotropic ballads that long to be sung from the dark corners of the room —Dave Terpeny,

It is a singulary suggestive and addictive sound that leaves you leaning forward in quiet anticipation —

She has always remained a mysterious figure and very few people have actually seen her, apart from her legendary performances. —

Some musicians now strive to be poetic, but Diana Darby is a true poet, without trying. —

Time to resurrect the old cliché: Diana Darby's third album is her best yet.   The Magdelene Laundries is an outpouring of raw, naked emotion, and it's a beautiful thing to behold. —Michael Toland,

Listening to The Magdalene Laundries is like being caught up in a surreal dream, as the experience moves on the sense of wonder increases. And, like a dream, you're never quite sure if anything is real or not but eventually the spell Diana Darby casts means it doesn't really matter. —Michael Mee,

 Brief, dreamlike, revelatory, these songs burrow softly into your consciousness and stay there like memories you never knew you had.  —neumu 

Diana Darby is like a dozen orchids and lilies. A bright and brilliantly obtuse lyricist who lets the natural world drive her song-stories, Darby whispers so quietly as to induce a nervous breakdown. Even after listening to the album five times, I’m a tense knot by the end of it. —Stephen George, Leo Weekly